Seasonal, one-time or last minute shipments. Loads going to locations you don’t normally service. Freight that requires specialized equipment or driver certifications. They all present unique shipping challenges. Fortunately, Exel Freight Connect has the right solutions for all your freight transportation needs, even the niche ones.

Exel Freight Connect maintains solid relationships with a vast network of the country’s most reliable and diversified carriers, including carriers with the right equipment and expertise to handle bulk, temperature-sensitive, potentially hazardous or heavy haul loads.  At any moment, we know where capacity exists. We know which carriers are best qualified for specific types of freight and specific routes. And we know which carriers are capable of offering the competitive rates you want—and the on-time delivery you demand. No matter where you are going. Or what you are transporting.

We couple this insight with dedicated, personalized service, making it easy for you to get every load shipped on time and on budget. Every time.


Truckload Shipping

Exel Freight Connect partners with the nation’s leading truckload shippers—thousands of them, in fact—to offer local, regional and longhaul truckload services. We match you with a carrier that offers the right equipment, and the right dedication to safely, reliably and affordably deliver your freight wherever it needs to go.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

Just because you have less freight to ship doesn’t mean you’re willing to settle for less service. Exel Freight Connect offers LTL service that makes it economical to ship smaller loads, while still ensuring your shipments arrive on time and undamaged.

Expedited Shipping

Needed it there yesterday? Exel Freight Connect can’t turn back time. But we can do the next best thing. We work with trusted carriers that offer dependable and secure same day, next day and two day shipping options for urgent deliveries anywhere in the United States. 

Special Projects

Have a new product roll-out, site start-up or other surge capacity need? We are experts at handling out-of-the-ordinary capacity needs flawlessly. With the right transportation solutions, communication processes and technology, we handle all the details for you.

Bulk Shipping

From grain to petroleum and other types of liquids, Exel Freight Connect matches your load with the specialized equipment you need to handle any type of bulk shipment. We work with a network of HazMat certified drivers to safely and reliably transport even potentially hazardous materials wherever they need to go.

Temperature Controlled & Refrigerated Shipping

Whether you need to keep freight cool, or prevent it from freezing, we can source the ideal transportation environment for all types of temperature-sensitive loads, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Our diverse carrier network means we always have the equipment, the capacity and the right driver certifications to meet your needs.

FlatBed Shipping

Need to move lumber, construction materials or heavy haul equipment that just won’t fit on a typical box truck? Exel Freight Connect has you covered. The trusted carriers in our network offer standard deck and step deck flatbed trailers to efficiently and securely transport all types of large and heavy freight.